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HP Automation provides access control solution that is fully controllable that allow access using smart phones, traditional RFID cards & key fobs. 

We offer multiple choices that include systems for medium to large offices. For instance, access controls that integrate with Building Management System or stand alone system for smaller buildings. 

car park soultions

Car park solutions from simple boom gate with code pads to allow access or fully automated boom gate that allows access to certain cars. 


CCTV Camera systems help reduce the risk of break in. They also help you keep your employees and customers safe. Whether you handle money or don’t, you have the our super HD eyes wide open 24X7. Recording what they see and hear. Yes, you heard it right! With modern CCTV Camera systems you can record audio evidence as well. 


After hours theft poses a great threat for any business that leads to retail shops lose thousands of dollars worth of stock each year. Intruder systems can mitigate the risk of forced entry during non operational hours by alerting the control room and neighbours.
Alarm system can save you from potential burglary because burglars prefer the shops that do not have visible alarm warning stickers and siren outside the shop. We have helped hundreds of businesses including retail shops, real estate agents and medical centres to safe guard their staff and property.


Security shouldn’t be at forefront of your mind therefore we have dedicated team of security professionals who are available 24X7 to respond to any alarm signals.

Backed by strong patrolling network you can focus more on your business and leave the security for us to handle. A1 grade control room offers one of the largest patrolling network to take action as soon as the alarm signal is received.

For your complete peace of mind our control room can also monitor site CCTV Cameras to verify un-authorised access and take action to your instructions.

facilities managment

Electronic security isn’t one off thing!!

Your electronic security requires periodic maintenance to make sure everything is in perfect order for when you need it most. Electronic security never stops working. Your security system works when you are at or off work. It never stops. 

In order to maintain your electronic security you need annual maintenance program in place with us. 


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