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this small device provides you enormous security benefit and that is knowing location of your asset in real time.

A GPS Tracker is perhaps one of the most innovative inventions ever. It allows you to track your car, bike, truck, tractor, farm machines or virtually any type of automobile, in real time. 

You will be amazed with the power of this pocket rocket that delivers next level of security layer you can trust upon. With the GPS Tracker you can guarantee security of your vehicle. In addition to, added tons of the features and accuracy it provides. These features include: 

– Geofence.
– Over speeding alerts.
– Play back feature. 

We have seen vehicles recovered within minutes of being stolen. As a result, making our GPS Trackers first choice for luxury, sports or performance car owners. However, that doesn’t mean it can not be installed in your family car. 

Thanks to this tiny GPS Tracker you can now sleep without worrying about your cars parked on street, driveway or literally anywhere! 

GPS Trackers

Types & Application

Black Knight Z3
Size doesn't matter!! This tiny 38 gram GPS Tracker is our favourite because of the tons of the befits it offers to vehicle owners. Suitable for both personal or fleet vehicles, this devices takes literally minutes to install and setup.
Black Knight X3
Black Knight X3 does not require any installation. It is one of the very few GPS Trackers in the market that is suitable for DIY projects. When you sell your car you won't have to give away your valuable GPS Tracker so it is great value for money.
Black Knight LLB
This stand alone GPS Tracker offer unmatched security and flexibility at the same time. With built in battery that lasts up to two years you will be blown away with the list of benefits this product offers.

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