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a good dash cam, looks like part of the car and works even when car is parked and locked.

In modern times dash cams are becoming increasingly popular for various reasons. Dash cams not only provide valuable video recording of incidents they also provide you warnings when you are driving too close to the car in front of you. Modern dash cams provide audible warning when you change lane which can be handy to prevent unintentional changing of lane. And, most importantly it also provides speed camera alerts!

HP Automation offer one of the best security cameras suitable for Australian market. These cameras come with list of features such as speed camera alert, mobile speed camera zone alert, front collision alert, lane departure alert, smart phone app to download videos and parking mode recording. 

Imagine coming back to your car in a busy shopping center to find damaged front bumper! Dash cams that start recording when a bump to your car is felt even when they are parked and locked. This smart feature can save you hundreds of dollars in insurance claims which is enough to recover it’s own cost.

Dash Cams

Models and features

Thinkware F770
F770 front and rear cameras are equipped with Sony Exmor sensors, making it one of the most advanced dash cams in the market. Recording clear, crisp and wide angle full high definition 1080p videos at 30 frames per second front and rear, it also captures enhanced footage in low light places during park mode using Super Night Vision 1.0. Built in WiFi enables smartphone connectivity and GPS on-board provides more details on playback.
Thinkware F70 Dash Cam
The F70 gives you crisp full HD wide 140-degree angle view 1080P videos and extended view of the road ahead. Equipped with wide dynamic range, night time picture correction and automatic exposure, F70 covers a greater span between bright and the dark areas while driving. For protection when the vehicle is stopped, it comes with Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW). When waiting at an intersection or in traffic, FVDW alerts if the vehicle in front of you has already moved forward, preventing a delayed response and averting accidents.
Thinkware X700
X700 boosts the vehicle’s front and rear surveillance capabilities to the fullest. A 2-channel dash camera (with rear camera input), X700 captures clear, crisp, wide-angle at 142.7° and blind-spot-free high definition video recordings even during nighttime. It sports a 2.7-inch LCD touch screen that lets you view stored footages and gain quick access to its settings. In case of an accident or a collision, X700’s G-Sensor Incident Detection securely stores and safe-keeps crash or impact footage for future use.

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