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CCTV system is an essntial part of a home security system.

it provides you evidence and live feed for complete peace of mind.

CCTV System is an integral part of any home security system that provides crucial timely heads up of human presence in your property and live feed to verify the alarm. Investing in CCTV Cameras can potentially help you reduce your insurance premium as well as helping with insurance claim if you ever have to. 

HP Automation provides warning stickers to display on garage door and windows to deter the potential burglary.  

So these are some of many benefits of CCTV Camera systems but do you know there are several types of CCTV Cameras too?

There are IP Camera and old school Coaxial Cameras, both have their own advantages based on ease of usability, cost and ease to setup. IP CCTV Cameras are becoming ever popular because of significant reduction in costs in the past few months. Picture quality in modern CCTV Cameras is brilliant with bucket full great features. 

We offer monthly or weekly payments for your security system so that you don’t have to buy it outright. 


CCTV Cameras

Types & Application

Eye Ball CCTV Camera

These are one of the most common CCTV cameras these days because of their affordability and ease of use. Eyeball cameras are less prone to glare in direct sunlight and easy to install. Models with built in mic work better due to microphone being close to surface allowing clearer sound capture.

Dome CCTV Camera

Great camera for indoor application where CCTV camera are required to blend in. Another great benefit of Dome CCTV Camera is that they are tamper proof what that means is Camera face can not be moved away that easily. Microphone however are not that great due to being located inside the Dome.

Bullet CCTV Camera

Commercial grade CCTV cameras with motorised lense are generally best in Bullet form. They are easily distinguished therefore they are great deterrents. These CCTV Cameras also allow fitting of additional mechanical lenses easy. All in all great CCTV Camera type for bigger buildings where they are not meant to blend in the surroundings.


PTZ Stands for Pan Tilt Zoom. These are great CCTV Cameras that allow great programming abilities such as following moving objects and moving at set pathway to keep eye at large area etc. With joystick or even with mobile phone these CCTV Cameras can be moved by the user as required. In engineering terms these cameras allow 4 degrees of motorised freedom as compared to 1 degree in other types of CCTV Cameras.

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