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Why A High-End Dash Cam Is An Excellent Investment For Your Car?

Imagine coming back to your car from a busy shopping centre to find a damaged front bumper! Or to find your car stationary at a busy junction while the traffic light has turned green?

Modern dash cams now start recording whenever a bump to your car is felt, even when it is parked and locked. They record when a vehicle in fron of you has started moving, as well.  

These smart features could save you hundreds of dollars in insurance claims which is enough to recover a high end dash cam’s cost. 

Modern dash cams are becoming increasingly popular for various reasons. Dash cams not only provide valuable video recording of incidents, they also provide you warnings when you are driving too close to the car in front of you. 

Latest dash cams provide audible warning when you change lane which can be handy to prevent unintentional changing of lane. And, most importantly, it also provides speed camera alerts!

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These cameras come with list of features such as speed camera alert, mobile speed camera zone alert, front collision alert, lane departure alert, smart phone app to download videos and parking mode recording. 

Most modern dash cams come with smartphone connectivity, inbuilt GPS and an excellent parking mode feature along with monitoring vehicle speed. 

The parking surveillance feature allows dash cams to record a video footage while you are away from your car. 

Whenever a license plate is picked up by a dash cam, insurance companies can track down the offender easily.  

Most high end dash cams know when your car is stationary with sensors and switch on their parking mode. 

For commercial use, dash cams with in-cabin recording can help you monitor poor driving practices like drivers talking on the phone while driving. 

Dash cams automatically power up, as you start your engine and power down when you stop. Most dash cams can be powered up by the cigarette lighter socket. 

Whenever a motion in a parked vehicle is detected, it automatically wakes up the dash cam and it starts recording. 

Thus, to record your journey, to save your vehicle from damages when parked or moving or just to monitor your vehicle’s speed, a high end dash cam is an excellent investment for your vehicle. 

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