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retail business security

Security is a must for any retail business. it significantly reduces shop lifting & after hour theft. It also helps you analysing buyer shopping trends. For instance, it gives you number of visitors on any particular day of the week. So you can plan your staff based on the trend.  
Above all, It notifies control room of any un invited guests during after hours. Therefore, it is great to take timely action in case something goes wrong.  

commercial business security

Security for commercial businesses is as important as it is for any other place. Perhaps even more for warehouses or showrooms. Because after hours theft is greatest enemy of any such business. Prevention is really important. With our outdoor barrier beams, we can literally secure any area inside/outside of the buildings to prevent theft. 
Security should be alerted long before someone even reaches the important place. Therefore, beam barriers help secure perimeter of buildings. 

office security

Offices usually don’t keep Cash or stock. Therefore, security requirement for office spaces is more specific. Intellectual, hardware or property theft requires specialised equipment. For instance, they require solid access control to maintain security. Only allowing certain people in certain areas at certain times. 
HP Automation can design combination of security systems to provide effective security system.  



We are probably only electronic security company that offers widest security services. Below is the list of products and services we offer for our business clients:
- GPS Trackers for fleet.
- Dash Cams for the all sort of vehicles.
- CCTV Cameras.
- Alarm Systems.
- Car park boom gates.
- Intercom System.
- Access control system.
- Security Management System.
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