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Security systems do more than just sounding alarm! Studies estimate that homes with a security system are less likely to be targeted by thieves. Warning stickers at your property also reduces potential break ins.

HP Automation provides professional monitoring for your complete peace of mind. Back to base monitoring provides 24X7 security back up for your premises. Control room takes prompt action when your alarm goes off. 

Monitoring provides list of other benefits such as: 

– Monitored alarm test communication every few hours. 
– Automatically sends daily test reports to control room. 
– Alarm system reports power outage to control room for your attention. 
– Alerts control room in the event of registered Loss of communication. 

Panic button with the monitored alarm system is also an awesome idea. It prompts monitoring control room at one push of a button. Control room acts according to the instructions provided by home owners at time of installation.

We can monitor your existing alarm system. Arrange switch over and get 1 MONTH FREE*.

6 key benefits of 24/7 monitoring.

HP Automation's communication devices do not rely on your internet or telephone line. In other words, it provides reliable connection using built in sim cards within the device. Our 4G communicators can be used for most alarm systems. As a result, we can possibly monitor your existing alarm system without having to replace it.

We offer free smart phone app with every back to base monitoring device. Smart phone app allows communication with alarm system. As a result, you can arm/disarm your alarm system from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to back up battery, alarm system still communicates even when power fails. . As long your alarm system back up battery is in good nick you will be fine. We provide annual service free of cost to our back to base clients.

Monitored alarm systems sends polling signal every 12 hours to make sure everything is ok. Control room informs us of such to have it rectified. This ensures your property is fully secure and action taken promptly.

As a minimum only A1 grade monitoring is provided for any monitoring package. ASIAL accredited A1 grade is the highest standard in Australia therefore your peace of mind is guaranteed.

When you are sleeping in bed our control room operators are on stand by 24X7 monitoring your security system. As a result, Any alarm signals are promptly responded so you don't have to worry at all.

24x7 back-to-base monitoring starting at $9.99/week.

When it comes to security & Automation, HP Automation is a one stop shop. They provided valuable consultation that helped us decide on what exactly we wanted. In addition, their work quality is really top notch therefore we are very happy with end product. HP Automation’s technicians were onsite right at time and very cautious for brand new property. We can’t thank Harminder and his team enough for the care and help they provided throughout the process.

My system is operated by mobile phone apps as I wanted.

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